Hi all - Yet another newbie joining Swift Trade

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by eswake, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Well I've been hired at swift trade (computer background/nothing to do with stocks)

    I've read a book about trading and some strag. ... yea a whole one! (ok so i skiped the index... shut up)

    hehehhe anyways...

    I was woundering what kinda of advice can anyone give me? I've search the forums and have read many good and bad things about swift trade.

    But since I'm a beginer I think it will be a good start for me

    A couple of questions that are on my mind are:

    1. Do beginers actly on adv make 40-50K on there first year(thats how much they said they make on adv.)

    2. Would that before taxes or after?

    3. Is there any E-books that I should dl?


    (sorry for the bad grammer)
  2. yes, you will definately make 40-50k in your first year at swifttrade, in fact i have no doubt in my mind that you will be a millionare by year 2

  3. I am sure of it. On your second post of the year, tell us how much you made.

    I will email you Gates foundation info in case you need it.

  4. havent laughed this hard all day!:p :p :p

    nice one
  5. My condolences. That place is a fucking dump.
  6. I feel sorry for you, but I started out there and its a good cheap way to learn how to trade. Go there until u get good at trading, then leave for much better payouts with other companies.,, and the amount you make very much depends on your learning ability, personality, and the branch you are with. If you are not retarded, and are lucky enough to be at a branch with good traders, 40 to 50 k a year starting out should be possible.
  7. 2 good things about swfit...

    commision per trade is cheap.
    You dont have to risk your own money.
  8. Yes, commissions are cheap. However, once you factor in the grossly absurd profit splits, most people are better off trading with average commissions and a 100% payout....and after you factor in their shitty software which goes down multiple times a month, it's a no brainer to run from that scam shop.
  9. I was traveling through Rockies and saw a guy sitting on the edge of a cliff. I asked him: - "Why do you do that, isn't it dangerous?" He replied: - "Its a quickest way to learn how to fly! Its also the cheapest way!". I wished him good luck ... On my way back I saw a fresh grave ... I guess, it was the quickest and cheapest way ...
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    scam shop? longhorns get real. you've never traded there. don't believe everything you read on ET... IMHO the software is pretty good these days. it's had it's moments but it's gotten way better over time.

    100% payouts on average commissions for a seasoned trader who takes large moves make sense. for a newbie they'd be crazy to go that route. keeping 100% of nothing is still 0. if you can learn and make small profits while you progress who cares if you have to give some of that up. As soon as you feel confident in what you're doing you can move on and pay higher commissions and keep 100%.

    Anyone who has traded at swift will tell you it's a great place to learn, simply because it costs nothing except time and hard work.

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