Hi all yet another newbie at Orbixa (Swift Trade)

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by EngineerLarry, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Well I've been hired at swift trade (computer background/nothing to do with stocks)

    I've read a book about trading and some strag. ... yea a whole one! (ok so i skiped the index... shut up)

    hehehhe anyways...

    I was woundering what kinda of advice can anyone give me? I've search the forums and have read many good and bad things about swift trade.

    But since I'm a beginer I think it will be a good start for me

    A couple of questions that are on my mind are:

    1. Do beginers actly on adv make 40-50K on there first year(thats how much they said they make on adv.)

    2. Would that before taxes or after?

    3. Is there any E-books that I should dl?

  2. My advice to you: Mind the con artists (especially brokers who pretend to be traders and post on this website, vendors who pretend to be traders), look at the time they registered with this website, if it is very early, like 2002, 2003, be careful, most of them are professional/veteran con artists. If they are true traders and make money, they wouldn't be here posting constantly. Of course, there are a few who are traders, but they are exceptions.
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    1. No. You'd be lucky if you break 10K.

    2. Realistically, I wouldn't worry about paying taxes your 1st year at swift.

    3. At swift, most of the actionable stuff you'll learn is through mkt observation. Although I would lean towards pairs and daytrading materials. I say pairs cause you have a comp sci background, so you should be able to code.
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    I am a swift trade millionaire