HHS falls short of pre-existing coverage prediction by 97.8%

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  1. HHS falls short of pre-existing coverage prediction by … 97.8%

    255 million: The number of Americans with existing health insurance coverage.

    20 million: The number of Americans without any health coverage at all due to economic circumstances.

    375,000: The number of Americans with pre-existing conditions HHS said would apply for coverage in the first year of ObamaCare, one of the main political arguments for its implementation.

    8,011: The number that actually did.
    That comes to a success rate for that prediction of just under 2.2%. The Wall Street Journal points out that the program operates at a loss — which means that consumers who qualify for the program in essence have partial subsidies by entering it. And yet, despite the billions of dollars committed to funding it and the efforts of 27 states to duplicate it, only eight thousand people have bothered to apply for the program.

    The Obama administration and its allies in the Nancy Pelosi Congress revamped one-sixth of the American economy, created new federal mandates, and created chaos in system that worked for the vast majority of Americans, just to deal with eight thousand people? Perhaps they should have tested the issue by creating the program separately first and determining whether the demand required a complete overhaul of a health-care system that mainly worked for the rest of us, instead of arrogating to themselves the task of dictating the shape of a market they clearly don’t understand.
  2. The prices of the current pre existing plan is unaffordable for most.In 2014 when insurance companies cant deny coverage, cant charge more due to pre existing conditions ,and families with up to 91,000 in income will pay a max of 5-10 % of their income on health insurance is when the real benefit takes effect
  3. My monthly expense is just about the same I pay for my mobile phone bill. Which, for the person who "can't afford it", is way more important than having to pay for health insurance.

    The problem isn't cost. It the unwillingness of people wanting to pay for it.

    Those spinners are way more important.
  4. This is a lot more then most phone bills.

    Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan: Florida

    On July 1, eligible residents of Florida will be able to apply for coverage through the state’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan program run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Below are the monthly PCIP premium rates for Florida by the age of an enrollee.

    Ages 0 to 34: $363

    Ages 35 to 44: $435

    Ages 45 to 54: $556

    Ages 55+: $773

    In addition to your monthly premium, you will pay other costs. You will pay a $2,500 deductible for covered benefits (except for preventive services) before the plan starts to pay. After you pay the deductible, you will pay a $25 copayment for doctor visits, $4 to $30 for most prescription drugs, and 20% of the costs of any other covered benefits you get. Your out-of-pocket costs cannot be more than $5,950 per year. These costs may be higher, if you go outside the plan’s network.

  5. So how is the Tea Party-Republican health care plan coming along?
  6. Eight


    Not so good now that the public sector has about 50% of the GNP going through their sticky fingers. If we reduce that to a figure of about 5% then everybody will be able to afford health insurance and those that don't have it, well some people.....
  7. About as well as the democratic/marxist plan to pay for social security.
  8. Oh, "they understand" all right. The primary function of the Obama/Tyranny health care bill was NEVER about "health care"