hhi.hk and hsi...

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  1. these are making the perfect long swing trades right now...

    another 1000 points up on each of these indexes doesn't look unrealistic on the near term.

    they are a bit of leverage tho -- 1 HSI = $125k US, and 1 HHI.HK = $60k US. HHI.HK moves just as much if not more than HSI in one day, though. (today up 4%)
  2. Try the mini-hsi mhi and the mini-nikkei for less leverage on these great indexes.
  3. wish I could do the mini HSI (i'm in the US and its not permitted for us). Oh well ... i've both scalped and position traded these with much success lately. the mini HSI would make an enjoyable scalping index. what mini nikkei do you trade?

    although I'll admit I'm less interested in scalping them lately, especially after getting caught in some reversals. too difficult to not lose a ton. I remember someone (maybe you?) calling the hsi a widowmaker. i agree. makes a much better position trade.

    i've been planning on buying these contracts and just leaving them alone for a few months. i've learned overtrading for a few pts here and there is barely worth it and much too difficult.
  4. Its the osaka mini ... a dollar a point and 5 point moves like the SGXNK ... so u now have a great range.

    No, I trend trade the HSI but my trend is often only 5 or 6 minutes long :)
  5. do you mean the osaka mini trades in 1 pt intervals?

    i've done a little sgxnk an between low volatility lately and that spread, its really not a great time.

    i'll look up the osaka mini - perhaps i can trade it (i'll probably need to pay extra for the data feed)
  6. The Osaka data feed is about US$10 a month
  7. u dont need to pay any fee to get mhi data. just subscribe to honk kong data and u'll get hsi and mhi both free.
  8. Try what I've been doing for a while buy 2147 on the Hang Seng and trade it. Its a Cheung Kong put warrant April 2007 exp.
    I'm also long the stock (CHEUY.PK) or 1 on the Hang Seng
    Bank of China (3988) puts and calls are always fun.
    I really enjoy trading the Hang Seng.
    (Betty Liu on CNBC is good to watch as well)
  9. yeah, as a consolation, all of usa traders can trade china ishares trough ib.
  10. Oh - I assumed he was referring to the mini-nikkei
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