HGTV and Vancouver house prices

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Wallace, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. i enjoy the various programs HGTV Canada broadcasts, some of them are now reflecting
    the US real estate problems, great deals for buyers, foreclosure sales, trying to close a
    bank owned house, 'Real Estate Intervention' where sellers are gasping after learning how
    low they have to price their home to sell it - not

    i was just watching a 'Property Virgin' show location Cincinnati, viewing houses priced
    around $100,000 - first broadcast Oct 08, 2007 boy that's old, anyway very nice houses
    and cheap, and it got me thinking about Vancouver, Canada average house prices - C$:
    Vancouver: sea and ski $749,808 Calgary: oil $462,465 Edmonton: oil $363,694
    Toronto: financial center $423,559 Ottawa: capital $318,655 Montreal: french $240,000
    prices from and see the '8 charts' etc

    i think there's more houses for sale in the US than have been built in Canada so no surprise
    the buoyant market here - and no subprimes of course
  2. It's also not as easy to get a mortgage up here in Canada.