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    Why is HFT winning in a "Spectacular Fashion" and Small Traders are losing in a "Spectacular Fashion." They both do not managed clients funds nor are they registered with the SEC and CFTC.

    How can small traders be able to compete in today world of trading?

    Remember, HFT began 5 years ago while small traders began during the 17th century.

    What does HFT has that Small Traders do not have?


    -Former Hedge Funds or Brokerage's employees/employers and former locals/floor traders.
    -They have huge network or insiders in wall street.
    -They are programmers and have a degree in math and computer science.
    -They have capitals! A minimum $5 MILLION DOLLAR!
    -They treat trading as business meaning they have employment policy like any other businesses. They do not trade at HOME.
    -They are a member of many exchanges.
    -They have their own customize built super computer platform
    -They trade in large volume

    Small Traders
    -They are a dreamer.
    -They have no risk capital. They believe with $5000 account will get them rich quick or if trading FX, they believe $500 account using a credit card will get them rich.
    -They believe the best risk management is trading with stop
    -They work at home
    -They spend countless hours google searching for a 3rd party educational vendors
    -Most of them are not computer programmers
    -They are using obsolete technical indicators.

    Remember this small traders. Think real hard if u want to pursue trading. The moment u begin trading live, YOU ARE DOOMED.

    More than 90% of HFT wins in a "Spectacular Fashion." They just win!!

    More than 90% of small traders lose in a "Spectacular Fashion." They just lose!!!

    If u are losing, then join the house! Why waste time and spend incredible money on these 3rd party educational vendors?

    I am looking for the best answer. Bring them up!
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    I am that small trader who began with dream, trades from home, with only the most rudimentary of programming skills.

    I speak from experience: it can be done. And it can be done, day-in, day-out, that would infuriate even the most sophisticated HFT quant. The market is actually very simple. Most don't get it. Most will not get it. But it doesn't take a genius or a HFT guru who rips-off discretionary traders to take out consistent money in this market. Or any market.

    As for third-party vendors, most are scams. There's a few decent books out there. But with more study comes more confusion.
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    not bad!
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    Think about this small traders. Do u really think a HFT trader will google search for a 3rd party educational vendor?

    Do u think a HFT trader will begin to trade with only $5000 account or use his credit card to fund his account?
  5. How are you allowed to continue posting this crap? 90% of your posts are losers.

    ...if anything you should be encouraging the 90% (if not only for selfish reasons).
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    i am encouraging. small traders that represent more than 90% losers should not trade. They should save their money, their marriage, their personal relationship, their career, etc etc etc. Those 90% losers are addicted to gambling.
  7. If that were true you would attempt to inject some reasonable advice for new/aspiring traders. The stuff you post is nothing more than buzzwords with no context.

    For example, if you'd like to warn people about dubious 3rd party vendors - a reasonable step might be to identify one such case and explain to aspiring traders why the information is innaccurate, false, or useless.
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    There's a lot of truth in that, too.

    It's possible. And easy. Yet most neophytes will never develop a profitable system. On the bright side, there's lots of ways to skin a cat. Some more 'efficient' than others. But again, it takes years and years and years. Lots of heartache and most walk away broke. And for some, it breaks them (and their marriage, career and finances). Not for the faint of heart.
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    i do have reasonable advices. read my 1700 plus posts. need to figureout a way how to compile all in one. They are very valuable information to help these losers either to give up or trade the right way. These posts are based on feedback from successful and loser traders.
  10. I actually thought your post was very interesting.

    I was hoping more people would come out of the woodwork saying they were successful at-home traders. I haven't met very many successful at-home traders, basically ever. I've never actually met one in person.

    I wish brokers would shed more light on how many accounts actually make money. I tend to believe the 95% fail number though, since I've failed several times over.
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