HFT Stocks

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  1. Which stocks are widely used for HFT .
  2. dealmaker


    All stocks with big volumes!
  3. The one that attract the most of :
    1) Big investor - those people are long term and don't mind to loss or "tips" those HFT doggy few ticks

    2) Small and handicap Traders - those people have no choice
  4. What about forex?
    I am wonding. How the HFTers trade forex .. are they using the 5 decimal quote also? or they get more decimal? if they putting thousands of orders per second,i assume they expect this instrument is moving during this millisecond so it would logic they put these magnitude of orders.. What are the type of the ticks they get?

    I am really interested in this subject.. Whoever has any resources pease share..

    Also, how do they reduce the transaction of forex trading? We, retail traders, get with ECN 0.5pip with ECN and adding the commission which with high volume would be small but still substantial with this huge volume of trades.

    Please share your resources and information