HFT scum update

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  1. As the focus recently is on Executive pay, bailouts, corporate greed etc, I'm not sure the focus will chance to HFT and the money they steal. The people at Occupy Wallstreet identify themselves as the 99%. They dont have any money. They dont have any investments. They dont care what the market does. Obama only cares about jobs. He also doesnt care about HFT, and knows jobs will make the stock market higher regardless. I think everyone accepts volatility is high and will stay high, and there is not the main street pressure to do anything about it: Mainstream is broke.
  2. Obama only cares about the appearance that he cares about jobs, and most importantly the approval of the unions who want to believe that he "has their back".
  3. Regardless he doesnt care about HFT. Which is the point of the article. To make us think there is growing pressure.
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    Can we stop being stupid and blaming everything for HFT? They are NOT responsible for the volatility and everything else... the only complaint is funky tape lots, and if you can't cope with that, go to futures!