HFT myths and reality

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  2. Thank you...now these losers crying about mr. 23 yrold quant taking their retirement money can wake up
  3. No, they won't. The grass is always greener on the other side. Like the article says, people use to complain about the specialists and now complain about hft. Bitter traders that lose will always blame it on something too.
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    Interesting plot showing the share of algorithmic trading in each asset class. I wonder if it's a coincidence that a lot of banks have downsized equities first, then futures, while now bonds and mortgages are hot hot hot. Perhaps when machines take over, the margins are too slim to matter even for the big guys. May be HFT is becoming more of a niche method for medium to smaller funds, much like trend following is now mostly a retailers game (i.e., there is still money in it, but not enough to attract the biggest players).
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    BUBBLE ben bernanke and HIGH FREQUENCY SCUM took the fed hostage, because BUBBLE ben bernanke and HIGH FREQUENCY SCUM BAD, BUBBLE ben bernanke and HIGH FREQUENCY SCUM stealing from american people because BUBBLE ben bernanke and HIGH FREQUENCY SCUM BAD.
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    i see lot less of this HFT bs in forex(according to charts) and a lot of on stocks. forex is not regulated market and stocks are highly regulated by SEC..mean that the rules made by those who suppose to protect and regulate the public doing exact opposite and in the wall st pockets. ----it's a big club and you ain't in it(George Carlin)--