hft, heh?

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  1. from the wsj

    Rosenblatt Securities Inc. estimates that high-frequency traders would have made, on average, five cents to 7.5 cents per 100 shares traded in the U.S. stock market in 2010. That is down from 10 cents to 15 cents per 100 shares in 2008.

    "Times are lean," said Manoj Narang, chief executive officer at high-frequency traders Tradeworx.

    Those #'s seem quite high. And lean?
  2. Sintra


    Is this with or without the rebates of ecn/exchanges?
    If a average stock price would be 40 dollar(probably lower) the profit will be between 0.125-0.1875 basispoints. Anyway with or without the rebates in that number they are highly dependable on fee structure of the exchanges.
    It is just one big group(hft/exchanges/sec) and one day if one of them has a difference of opinion(rule/fee,ect) then the hft will fall....bigtime.
    Looks to me like a unhealthy business structure for the long run.
  3. a net profit of 10 cents a share seems way too high. Thats 100k on every 1 million traded. Does that sound right to you?

    Note the idiots here have nothing to say. Typical of questions that require actual knowledge.

    Ps Im enjoying my Ibonds paying me 7.6% for the next 6 months.
  4. Sintra


    in your first post you said 5-7,5 cents per 100 shares. my fee(all included) is something about 0.0015/share so 15 cents per 100 shares so that number is pretty low.
  5. I was misreading it. Thought they were talking about PER SHARE.

    I knew the # was nuts.

    Funny, I think I'm stinking it up when I only make 10 cents A SHARE on a trade. Guess not.
  6. did you make 10 cents a share how can you prove that i don't think that you even trade, how can you drive a school bus and trade?
  7. Here ya go brownie


    Timestamped. Check the SLV 34 puts. Perfect entry and exit. 100% roi in 9 minutes.

    Lets see if you can make even 10 cents on anything realtime.

    Not those tricked out fake charts you post.

    Whats the big deal, can't you post even 1 realtime trade? very suspicious if you don't. very.