HFT good or bad for day traders?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by proptrader11, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Interested to get day traders opinions on High Frequency Trading HFT are you for it or against it?
  2. Depends on how you trade. The bottom line simply is a reminder to everyone that you always must adapt in this game. Today it's HFT, tomorrow it will be something else. The market is always changing, your strategy will always change, that's what distinguishes the traders that have long careers from ones that are driving cabs after they're forced to change.
  3. against it---- just canaibalizes volume brings no new volume. since HFT got a major portion of the volume no new SUCCESSFUL products have been introduced. exchanges are worried but dont want to piss off HFT guys, then no volume
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    If you can manage to extend your modeling timeframes and your trade holding periods out just a smidge it will not affect your trading in the leaset unless you're just searching for a good excuse.

    Just my 2 cents working with traders and funds every day.
  5. I know you are asking daytraders, but as a swing/position trader I think it is great. It lowers spreads and increases volume. From any perspective but a daytraders I think it is a good thing. And daytraders aren't exactly a favored political group. :)
  6. Since HFT is typically automated market making, and I trade mostly liquidity-consuming systems, I'm in favor of it. HFT guys serve to to connect me to losing players on various time frames. And that's a valuable service for which I'm more than happy to pay the gap.

    If you're trying to make a market by hand, I'm sure it's maddening to compete with.