HFs Short On Volkswagen Shares - AGAIN

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ASusilovic, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Hedge funds have raised their bets on a fall in voting shares in Volkswagen (VW) since mid-July, The Wall Street Journal reports. Short sellers seem to be betting that if the proposed merger between VW and Porsche fails, VW’s shares will drop.
    The number of shares borrowed is equivalent to almost 2% of the car maker’s equity. In October, funds including Odey Asset Management, SAC Capital Advisors and Greenlight Capital had shorted VW, whose shares many managers believed were overvalued and ripe to fall.


    Two times being bent over and still nothing learned....:D
  2. This time it is different :D

    German "officials" are now after Wiedeking; ex Porsche CFO for Insider Trading and Price Manip
  3. They want a Volkswagen Jetta instead of a Porsche Boxster at bonus time this year? :D
  4. Worth another headline in German gazettes...:cool: