HFRI: Hedge Funds +0.45% for July, +7.95% YTD

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  1. August will probably be a 1-2% down month though:


    HFRI Shows Quiet July
    August 16, 2007

    Hedge Fund Research’s HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index posted positive returns for July in spite of the subprime mess and sinking equities markets.

    The index added 0.45% on the month, and is up 7.95% year-to-date. Almost all subindices were within one percentage point of flat for the month.

    The top performers were emerging markets (up 3.19% in July, 18.03% YTD) and macro (1.36%, 6.93% YTD). Equity hedge was also in the black (0.48%, 8.63% YTD).

    Relative value arbitrage had the toughest month (down 0.81%, up 5.66% YTD). Other losers included merger arbitrage (down 0.56%, up 5.69% YTD), distressed securities (down 0.4%, up 6.68% YTD) and convertible arbitrage (down 0.21%, up 4.43% YTD). Event-driven was essentially flat (down 0.08%, up 8.32% YTD).

    By contrast, the HFRI Fund of Funds Composite Index and its five subindices were all in positive ground on the month, though none exceeded 1%. The main FoF index was up 0.43% in July (8.32% YTD).
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    hm yeah.. check out the investable HFRX indices...

    more like minus 4% wiping out the gains for the whole year.
  3. Investable HF indexes are not used for benchmarking HF performance, as they only represent a fraction of the entire Hedge Fund universe.
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    all benchmarks represent a fraction of funds. so does the S&P 500.

    using HFRI you're 2-3 months behind the action.
  5. Sorry, but I was only able to post July 31 NAVs. Next time I will try to post future NAVs 2-3 months out.
  6. Are you invested in some HF´s ? If yes, might I ask which strategies you prefer ? Which benchmarks are you using to be in "front of the action" ?

    Thanx in advance !
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    I got my NAV from yesterday already done. Differs somewhat from July 31st :cool:
  8. You run your own fund? Or you mean you got your NAV reports for funds you're invested in?

    I have investments in a few FOFs and they're down between 0.4 and 0.8% through Aug. 10 and were up 0.5-1% in July. Of course, this week and the rest of the month can potentially add a lot of pain.
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    I run my own small fund.
  10. Strategy ? :p
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