Hezbollah now running out of ammo- Israel on the verge of victory!

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  1. Stick a fork in Hezbollah. They've done their worst- and now they've got almost nothing left.
    <b>Fuck with the best- Die like the rest.</b>

    "Meanwhile Thursday, Hizbullah leader Shiekh Hassan Nasrallah, for the <b>first time</b> since fighting began 22 days ago, <b>offered to stop rocket attacks</b> on northern Israel in return for an end to airstrikes throughout Lebanon.

    "Anytime you decide to stop your campaign against our cities, villages, civilians and infrastructure, we will not fire rockets on any Israeli settlement or city," he said in a taped video statement broadcast on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV and carried simultaneously on all other Lebanese and Arab satellite channels.

    Speaking directly to Israelis, Nasrallah said, "The only choice before you is to stop your aggression and <b>turn to negotiations</b> to end this folly."



    Translation: We've used up nearly all of our rockets, and can no longer sustain the fight. Israel is about to mop up our sorry asses, while capturing every inch of Leb territory south of the Litani river. I sure hope Allah grants us a few hundred dead Leb civilians in a hurry, so we can get the 'international community' to pressure Israel to quit kicking our (shaven, according to Islamic law) asses.
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    Typical Muslim trash talk. Akin to "mother of all battles."

    It's a cultural/religious thing to be brazen and bombastic in speech.
  3. Yes, amazingly HeHezbollala has only sustained two casualities throughout 23 days of war.

    One thug took a bullet in the back while shaving his adoring bunker buddy's behind. The other bled to death - fruit of the 72 virgins got chopped off from the razer as he turned around.

    I think Nasrallahha stated that they were both from Qatar via Canada.

    Can you confirm Wael?

  4. Khahahaaaaaaaa!!

    Nas"g"allah has been saying that from day one!! Where the fuck were you!!

    Aren't you guys sick and tired of your leaders opening their mouths and making fools out of themselves?

    One day after your Olmert claimed that 70% of their long range 20% of their short term ones has been wiped out...Nas"g"allah sent you a bigger then usual dose of LUV!!


    What is so funny is that the last time you went through a similar fight in Lebanon, sending 150,000 of your Lions of Zion against 10-15 thousands Palestinian Fedaeyeen, we sent you 4000 bags full of your bambinos back, EVEN THOUGH THE PLO DID NOT SHOWER YOU WITH SIMILAR LUV!!

    And what killed me...What killed me is that you are expecting Khizbooooooooollah to import their rockets using vegetables trucks in plain view of your drones.

    What dropped me on the floor laughing is that you ,once again, send messages to your military head quarters declaring that the fourth strongest army on earth has advanced 15 "feet" into Southern Lebanon only to give it back later with few burning tanks left behind.

    The only two military achievements you scored are bombing a shelter full of children and kidnapping four senior citizens.

    Rearden my friend...I like you as a man and that is why I will say this to some one on the other side...if that thread is not older than 30 minutes...Pull it back buddy!!

    Hizeb Allah has tens of thousands of short range missiles and hundreds of heavy long range ones. They knew you were coming since at least six months and devised a plan to conceal them even from your so called god!

    Almost 99% of these missiles are not in the south but, like Hizeb Allah fighters appearing like ghosts, these missiles appear there and get launched from there.
  5. And who is this little bambino?!!


    kick back and watch buddy!
  6. Yes!!! he also stated that he knows your mama...I heard it on Al Jazeerah!

    He said;
    " And for anyone who encounters the inbred, cross eyed Bruto....Tell him to say hi to Ginger...I mean his mama"

    I do not know if he really knew your mama Bruto...Can you confirm??
  7. Quote from WAEL012000:

    I was working late on my laptop on the third floor in an apartment building somewhere in the occupied territories. That night, the drone was louder than usual and out of a sudden a 1 tone bomb was dropped 100 meters away from my building. The heat wave and the pressure blew the windows and smacked me square in the face. After I woke up from my shock, I went downstairs to check the neighborhood. apparently, when I reached the crowd, I was still in shock and was mumbling something or another which caused many of the people down there to start laughing at my weakness! THEY WERE LAUGHING AT ME!

    one of them grabbed me by the shoulders and told me
    "Koul Kharah we estazlem" (Eat shit and act like a man)

    He told me, one bomb and you are shitting in your pants?


    Predicted oh so many months ago about the Moron from Qatar:


    a.k.a. Moron from Qatar
    a.k.a. Jihad Jackass
    a.k.a. Hamas Hamoron
    a.k.a. Vienna Sausage and Lettuce Boy

    a.k.a. Manly shit eater ** NEW **
  8. Bullshit, he's never said that before, he offered negotiations (I think) and an exchange of prisoners but he has never before offered to stop rocket attacks.
  9. Maybe i missed it, but what happened to the kidnapped soldiers?
  10. Khahahaaaaaaaaa!!

    I am sorry but I did not know that he will keep on launching rockets while negotiating!!

    You are an idiot dddooo!!!
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