Hezbollah is still

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sulong, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Yep no one has to but it's quite obvious that you do, so does drawdown, I am not sure about Z10 though.
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  2. You have a need to call people idiots.

    How surprising...

    "You are with us, or against us."

    Where have I heard that before...

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  3. Do you disagree that people supporting Hezbollah are idiots? It's a yes or no question.
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  4. Some probably are idiots, some probably aren't.

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  5. Look, let me help you out a little.
    Israel and the US should have provided and paid for passage for all the non citizens in Lebanon before the first bombs were dropped. And sent a navel force to protect the evacuation.
    That alone would of went a long ways for public opinion.

    But no, the cheap bastards acted, yet again without a plan for the hostilities or a plan for a cease fire.
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  6. I just wish our FEMA was as organized as the Hezzies after Katrina struck the New Orleans area. Well, FEMA had heckuvajob brownie to make sure that everything got bungled up.
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  7. So you believe there are people who are not idiots and yet they support Hezbollah, right? Do you also think there are non-idiots who support Al-Qaeda, non-idiots who support 9/11?

    Of course one man's idiot is another man's freedom fighter, right?
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  8. Sam123

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    At any rate, Hezbolla will come back stronger than ever before, and will be supported by more Lebanese civilians than ever before. The Shiites are rising, and they will be the same dogs as the Sunnis when it comes to terror and Islamofacism against everything non-Muslim. No surprise Iran has turned up the juice in Iraq.

    The Bush Doctrine makes Lebanon a state that sponsors terrorism, which means a state that sponsors Islamofacism. In this case, Israel fumbled, and so did America. 5 years after 9/11, we still are stuck on stupid when it comes to Israel and treat the direct Isalmist assault against Israel as a “special case” which turns us into Jimmy Carter pussy bureaucrat middlemen between civilization and these Islamofacist dogs. Bush tried to take sides against Hezbolla, but a bureaucracy of Clinton surrounds him, and this bureaucracy has the same mental stench as journalists. And we all know how journalists reported this conflict.

    Too bad the Islamists came in and F*cked up Lebanon long before we Americans had a clue. After all these years, perhaps enough Americans will finally realize this and understand this is no different than what the Islamists are doing anywhere else on the planet.
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  9. China quietly supports Hezbollah, and I don't think they are idiots.

    Oil producing nations who benefit from higher oil who support Hezbollah are not idiots.

    And, yes, I do think there are people who support Al-Quaeda and what they did on 911 who are not idiots, some of them being Jews and neocons...

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  10. LOL I did not realize that if someone is making a profit he is not an idiot. Cause you called Bush an idiot so many times before and he is way better off than you'll ever be.

    PS there is no evidence that China supports Hezbollah, the oil prices are actually down and obviously sulong and drawdown are not profiting from the war in the middle east. Can I call them idiots?
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