Hezbollah is still

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  1. Hezbollah is still making Israel and the US look like bumbling fools.

    My god, hez is following through with a preplanned operation to help all the displaced residents of Lebanon.
    From setting up street side offices to place money in the hands of the locals to providing hand tools to allow residents to help with the clean up.

    The response to this? Ha! A violation of the cease fire with an Israeli raid deep in Lebanon on a wild goose chase.

  2. I think ya may have it a little backwards, Sulong.

    Hez never WAS what Israel and the US said they were, that is, some outcast, ill-prepared, desperado mob of hit and miss guerrilla fighters.

    They always WERE well-organized and heavily entrenched.

    They're Arabs, through and through, protecting the unity of their Arab brotherhood. How many hundreds of millions strong?

    So, Israel and the US were ALWAYS looking like bumbling fools - not still looking like bumbling fools.

    Israel is looking dumber every day. And, the US? Well, with Bush about to be impeached over his illegal wiretapping, go figure.

    If it spills over into Iran and Syria, and America gets dragged in directly, the USA can kiss it goodbye. Arabs will make sure of that.

    Good thread.

    It'll end up in Politics & Religion.

  3. You're a clueless idiot, they don't give a shit about arab unity, they are protecting the supremacy of the shia and their number one goal is the destruction of Israel. If they stick to social services - more power to them, if they keep attacking Israel they will be forced to keep rebuilding the shithole they call Lebanon.
  4. Before you call me a "clueless idiot," Doodoo, you better read my amended post.

    Then try to say it ain't so.

  5. What ain't so? Hezbollah is not an pro-arab unity freedom fighters, they are religious fanatical muslim terrorist gang committed to shia supremacy and destruction of Israel. Yeah, they provide welfare too. Israel and the US can level Syria, Iran and Lebanon in a New York or Tel Aviv minute. Now you try to say it ain't so.
  6. Doesn't take dddooo long to begin the name calling....

  7. The US will let Israel rot before they come close to "leveling" anyone.

    BTW, how can a "gang of thugs" be better organized, better planners and better custodians of their people than the US and Israel combined?

    Come on now, we're looking like a bunch of "Mr Burns" compared to hezie.

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  9. I've never called you names btw despite our disagreements. But people supporting Hezbollah are indeed idiots, people claiming that they stand for arab unity are indeed clueless.
  10. Nobody has to "support" hezi to see they are kicking ass.
    All the money and power in the world has not been a match for them... they have to be doing something right.
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