hezbollah destroying idf 24 dead today

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  1. man 24 idf soldiers dead today. they've bombed 3000 peasant soldiers with 5000 bombs and hezbollah destroying tanks and helicopters like candy. seriously the idf's invinsibilty has been tarnsihed. 100's of tanks and they still have gotten nowere. i guess this idf is soft compared to there fathers
  2. Too bad you weren't one of them.
  3. If Hezbollah is fairing as well as you wael and the arab world believes then why isn't Hezbollah invading Isreal and not vice versa?

    They can't even get a rocket to Tel Aviv even after the brainwashed brigades commander in chief went on TV and threatened it?

    You terrorist and sympathizers have a very warped sense of victory.
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    They have not much so show for so they will blow everything out of proportion just to try to make an impression on their supporters.

    If we may believe the news then Southern Lebanon is being turned into a wasteland. Israel has been dropping leaflets to tell the local population to leave which is why Hezbollah is still around to tell a tale.

    I do not believe that Israel really wants to kill all the Hezbollah off, there have to stay a few around to surrender.

    (In other words: If Israel was hellbent on killing then they would not have dropped leaflets urging the local population to leave.)

  5. I don't know what you mean not like their fathers. Just like God protected the fathers against all odds in earlier wars (and the world knows it was God's involvement), so also God has protected Israel civilians & soldiers from much more harm from having occurred. Statistically 4k rockets would have killed 1,000's of people.
  6. Why didn't God protect the ones that died? I guess they were on God's hit list already?

    By the way, are your buy and sell signals sent straight from heaven? :D
  7. Islamic Fascists are pathological liars...
    And easiliy turn the most humiliating defeat into a glorious victory.

    The same pathological liars turn can spin henous acts like deliberately murdering children...
    Whether Jewish children or their own...
    Into glorious acts that have God's approval.

    It's nothing new...
    Just megalomaniacs manipulating the ignorant masses with sophisticated propaganda...
    Driven by naked ambition for power.

    And their stooges manipulating the lambs at Elite Trader.

    The part that throws Western minds...
    Is the pretense that these guys are "religious leaders" in any meaningful sense...
    When, in fact, they are just political strategists whose main weapon is terror...
    Following in the footsteps of the Nazis, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Mingh, on and on.

    Just Fascism maquarading behind a thin facade of politics/religion.

    The Islamic-Fascists will fail...
    Because there is only one possible end game...
    And that is a nuclear show-down... which the West will win.

    The comical/tragic fumbling by Olmert...
    A man completely out of his depth...
    Will be just a historical blip...
    He will be gone within weeks.
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    Yeah, I heard you fucking filth are planning on "eliminating Olmert" like you did with Rabin and Sharon ( one of your very own! ). According to your "religion" Olmert is too weak.


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  9. You are saying very good stuff.
  10. Very correct. Look throughout history, and I bet we will never find any people who have taken this type of regard for civilians, and few criticized more.
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