Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah possibly killed

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  1. I think this is a key escalation and will extend the conflict. This was reported on fox news and is still being confirmed.
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    Who is reporting that?
  3. BEIRUT, Lebanon — Israeli warplanes destroyed the building housing the headquarters of Hezbollah guerrillas in south Beirut Friday, the group's TV station reported. Israeli sources said the chief of Hezbollah Sheik Hassam Nasrallah was inside the building at the time

    God, I hope they got him, that would be swift justice.
  4. I am thinking that they are just about out of female virgins for the Martyrs in Beirut, so if this poor son of a bitch is dead he probably has to make do with boys or perhaps small livestock, chickens for instance.

    Maybe that is the Muslim version of hell.

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  6. As usual, the media is prematurely ejaculating:


    "Hezbollah's Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and his family were safe after missiles demolished the two buildings in Beirut's crowded southern neighborhoods, Hezbollah said."

    FAUX News running short on car chase footage this afternoon? You really shouldn't watch that shit. It'll rot out your brain.
  7. They said it was still being confirmed. At least they put that caveat in there. Remember memogate? They put it forward as fact and people who supposedly had a great reputation lost their jobs. :(

    RIP Dan Rather. He should do a special with Connie Chung.
  8. hey.... do me a favor... next time you post give me a warning. i got a bad ticker and i went into shock when i actually read an intelligent post on ET.
  9. They could have said "it is unknown if he was harmed " or "even home at the time". The insinuation of death is instead used in order to keep you peeled to the tube. The media is good at interjecting the worst/best case scenarios into any situation. FAUX News is by far no exception to that rule. What I find nauseating about them is that they want to constantly remind you that they are.