Hey you greedy bastard - make your confession here

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  1. aradiel


    Ok since Im the thread starter I will begin, with a inedit one:

    To make a long story short, I often picture a scene where I take a certain woman whom I suffer from a form of platonic love and lay her in a bed full and surrounded by basically gold and diamonds (and other stuff I don't know the name in english). It doesn't involves sex, just her wearing all the jewelry (something like Sam Rothstein and Ginger, just 1000 times more intense)
    while I keep praising her and saying how she is my queen and that is her kingdom, in some sort of religious cult.

    (goddamn God bless the internet and the anonymously it provides)

    Do you guys think Im nuts or is it healthy considering it helps me get motivated (and even noble) sometimes ?
  2. fabulous thinking. no you are not a cut.
  3. Merc


    Her name is Muse.

    That is so interesting. I came to the same idea today.


    :D :D :D
  4. Does she just lie there passively?
  5. Borderline nuts :D

  6. aradiel


    Yes she acts somewhat passively, mainly paying attention to the rocks (ignoring my presence, but I can feel I can disturb her), while Im on her, just like the missionary position but with more distance from each other eventhough there is still physical contact. Again, it may get sensual but not sexual. I touch her with my hands and lips adoring her, like an sculpture, a masterpiece, the more expensive luxury item on Earth, seeing her body structure, eyes, facial features, high cheekbones, teeth.

    The lust bed and her, the most valuable commodity, on it.

    I cannot describe it much better since my friend Daniels Jack is not with me anymore. Maybe when he comes over again I will talk about another greed resulted fantasia involving her -again in a lusty atmosphere- and guns, lol.


    and its good to see Im not alone on this. Cheers brothers.
  7. Your image has at its core the emblem of Western masculine power and success: the creation of feminine beauty surrounded by gems.

    But she remains aloof, her essence not yet apprehended by you.
  8. Freud wants to ask -- Did your mother wear a lot of jewelry around you when you were a child?
  9. jem


    You believe the markets provide wealth and riches but you do not believe you will attain them.

    Not that I believe in that Freud stuff.
  10. aradiel


    dgabriel- explain the last line please

    aphexcoil- no, nothing out of normality

    jem- how did you get this conclusion ?

    and by the way am I the only one that suffer from greed trips
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