hey who you lookin' at!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LongShot, May 14, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]

    how bout i bust a cap on your ass.
  2. is that your boyfriend ?
  3. Funny, exactly what I was thinking.
  4. you freaking maroons are stupid :-/
  5. You got that right!

    I prove it to my self daily. :)
  6. no argument from me you turd brain :-/
  7. See what I mean?

    I thought you were an adult, until now.
  8. stick your head up your ass it fits you pathetic POS :-/

    nobody cares what you think least of all me you turd monkey

  9. learn how to use commas , you turd brain

  10. Funny, did this remind anybody else of "dirty harry"? :p


    Hey LongShot! Charismatic shot, you certainly have photographic potential - however, here are a few suggestions to improve the whole thing, for future photographic ventures:

    1. Firstly take out the pink-red grandma-curtain look background - that's a no-no if you want to seem sexy - this looks like something from "The Birdcage", i.e. "gay", if you know what I mean.

    2. Next time, DO NOT wear the "horn-rimmed look" glasses! I know, Bill Gates became the richest man in the world, but even he eventually changed his mind and got something more stylish. Nowadays, large-lensed horn look sunnies are only worn by gucci models, mafiosi, and gay people. And no offense, but for the next shot, get a set of nice pair of Oakley's, or something else decent - pul-lease not these ones.

    3. Also, the "holsters" ... oh man! You either put serious shining guns into them (visible on the photo), or you better forget all about it! Like this, it looks like you're wearing your girl(boy?)friend's backback - not a cool look, unless you're trying to appeal to the "other team"! :)

    4. If you're putting your weak parts (biceps) into the centre of the photo by elevating them to face height, like you did, then either flex them, or if it still doesnt't look decent - just don't show them. And - tuck your tummy in! :p

    5. Lastly, the cigarette needs to be cone-shaped! :D

    Bro, trust a frequent photographer on these points... It'll really help...

    And finally, LongShot, I DO have to have a jab at ya: Your arms and chest are NOT bigger than mine! LOL! All your stories of how huge you are! Haha! Man, I haven't worked out for at least 10 months, and my biceps, chest and shoulders ARE larger than yours. I'll start working out again after my holiday, in a month or so, then I'd be be able to lift you up and throw you over a fence, bro!

    Remember, the only pics you ever saw of me were years and years ago... Today I'm taller, I've got long black hair, a full beard, a fuller body, and you would probably "not" pick a fight with me, like you love doing on ET...

    Good Luck :p
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