Hey. "This Occupy Wall Street" thing is starting to grow.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Watching this out of the corner of my eye since the beginning.

    Violent arrests today. Demonstrations in various cities around the U.S.

    Now, big increase in people looking to share rides to NY - to get in on the action/history-in-the making.

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    the natives are getting restless.. I'm not going to tell people I trade... from now on "I'm between gigs", "looking for opportunity", etc...
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  4. The #1 demand of the protesters is an end to free trade - which would be a disaster.

    Having said that, the protesters are organized better than the police!

    Video recorders and live internet streams are everywhere.

    The cops are being monitored on their radio frequencies. "Abusive" cops have been photographed and will soon be identified.

    Calls for financial help and food have gone out around the world (you can wire or mail money, and there is a list of local eateries that will deliver to the protest sites).

    You can stay for free with a list of people given on a "couch surfing" website.

    Protesters are organized with legal advice that affirms the right to sleep on sidewalks. etc.

    And most importantly, the protesters are brazen enough to eat at the opposition from within! Calls are being made for every cop to inform on their superiors while the identities of the informants will be kept anonymous.

    *Don't be surprised if this is the one protest that will produce some lasting effects.*
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    What's hysterical is that these trust fund baby liberals vote for the Keynesian democrats that allow Wall Street to create so much wealth. Kind of ironic eh?
  6. Lol. The protestors protesting against those with money need money to do their thing?
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    It's growing alright. On my way to work today they were outside the CBOT building. All 4 of them. I might kick some of them around during lunch if the rain lets up. :)
  8. Fast forward a few years and "This Occupy Wall Street" will find these same kids, older and investing in WS and probably working there.

    Face the fact, some point in time you're going to have to invest in something and that something is going to be the vampire squid or stone soup.

    Hope we can get a head count of the protestors who are taking criminal justic courses.
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