hey SiSePuede!- hows the AMZN short !

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by executioner, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. hows that AMZN short treating you these days! you said you were short just before the close yesterday. are you going to cost average up to 100 and then hope a terrorist attacks the company or the ceo says he was a crack cocaine problem? just curious.thanks
  2. he's banned from the forums :p
  3. he was so confident about shorting AMZN before the close that i would like an update. i actually went long AMZN at 78.80 last night and sold today at 84.90. i only had 250 shares but i am extremely happy. i knew this guy was wrong and i am worried about him. even my girlfriend thought he was nuts for shorting amzn. i will be 28 next week and will invite him to my birthday bash and have him make a speech as to what happens to those that make idiotic trades.
  4. He also made an ass out of himself in the countrywide thread. What a douche.