Hey Paul Allen!!

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  1. Were have you been? curled up in your bear cave hahaha
  2. Probably enjoying his 416' yacht.

  3. I just cried a little inside...if there's one thing that fascinates me it's a 416' floating mansion like that. Does he ride sharks or helicopters to get there? :confused:
  4. He has a 836' one under construction now.

    When it's done, this one will be towed behind as a runabout.

    The biggest improvement in the new one, aside from the 2x size?

    More platinum bath fixtures.
  5. He should just buy a cruise ship
  6. Surdo


    I am perfectly happy with a small Sport Yacht like this!


    el surdo
  7. bighog

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    What he should do is get real and make charter cable halfway decent. They keep dropping channels and weak signals. Bunch of shit.

    But there is hope, i plan on moving. .. :D
  8. "Why are there copies of the Style section all over the place, d-do you have a dog? A little chow or something?"

  9. Cough... that yacht belongs to Russian billionaire Roman Abromovitch, it's called the Lurssen Pelorus. Paul Allen owns the Lurssen Octopus.
  10. What does one do when they have this much money?


    I'm an empty person at times, and truly believe I crave money as much as anyone (although I can be much more introspective and minimalistic at times - a paradox, I know) -

    - but how does one maintain their motivation when they accumulate such wealth, in the billions of dollars range?

    I know most here are familiar with the 'yacht index' warning....when you see that the manager of your money is buying a massive yacht, it spells trouble, because he/she is no longer hungry and motivated.

    Is it true? Are we chasing ghosts?
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