Hey moron, yeah you with the cigarette in his hole...

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  1. What about BLIND smokers?

    I suppose "Boo!" in braille would be sufficient.
  2. nah, the sound of someone who has lost their larynx talking through a voice box might do it.

    amazing how many people , many young, still sucking on those vile cancer sticks.

    oh, and under obamacare, you're going to reach in to your pocket to nurse them when and if they get sick from it.
  3. [​IMG]

    Here is an example.

    I'm not sure what the message is:

    File this under don't do me no favors, but this picture on a cigarette pack would be quite ironic to a military person in Iraq or Afghan who smokes and has to witness a fellow soldier missing a limb, wounded or dead.

    Must be varying degrees of pointless.

    A smoke free Abrahams tank. Boyaah!!!

    Does anyone suppose second hand artillery smoke causes damage?

    I know, I know...."first do no harm".........
  4. 1) Tax the shit out of it
    2) Allow insurance companies to opt out and forbid government medicare from paying any cancer related expenses caused by cigarette smoke. This goes for any lifestyle choices such as health risks associated with obesity.

    I don't care what people do with their life, but my tax dollars should not go to fund the consequences!!
  5. Now me, I have the opposite view. I don't mind if my tax dollars fund peoples problems who make poor choices BUT in the meantime I wish the gov't would quit putting obstacles in the way to earn, make money.
  6. You are already paying the consequences for people who are incarcerated, to keep them in jail, it's just unfortunate we can't all make the same good choices :) I made a lifestyle change 20yrs ago and still got lung cancer recently. I quit even before it was fashionable to quit. You would like to leave me out to die without insurance coverage?
  7. I quit a lot longer ago than that.

    In this day an age, the decision to smoke is proof you're a moron.

    Case closed.
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  9. the hump is the smoker
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