Hey Mcdonalds boosting prices on their menu!!!!!

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    Yep no inflation, food prices continue to soar as Bubble ben bernanke keeps reaching for his magical hat to do more magic tricks for this upside down economy. Welcome more inflation, even mcdonalds is raising prices on their menus. Many of these companies have held back for quite sometime but are now passing the increases onto customers.

    McDonald's to Boost Prices on Some Menu Items
    By DANNY KING Posted 3:49 PM 01/24/11 Company News, Earnings, McDonald's, Retail

    McDonald's to Boost Prices on Some Menu Items
    McDonald's (MCD) will increase prices on some menu items in the U.S. this year in response to rising commodity prices, which are boosting food costs, Chicago Breaking Business reported, citing remarks the company made on its earnings conference call Monday.

    The fast-food chain said it will raise prices on some items to cover ingredient costs that in some cases will rise as much as 2.5% this year, the publication said, citing McDonald's Chief Financial Officer Pete Bensen. The company held off on boosting prices last year for fear of losing customers who were already being affected by rising prices at grocery stores, the publication said, citing McDonald's Chief Operating Officer Don Thompson.

    The company made the announcement as part of its fourth-quarter 2010 earnings release. McDonald's increased its net income 2.1% from a year earlier to $1.24 billion as its U.S. same-store sales rose 4.4% on items such as its McRib and beverages such as its Caramel Mocha. Revenue rose 4% to $6.21 billion.

    McDonald's also said Monday that global same-store sales this month are up as much as 5%. The company will make about $2.5 billion in capital investments this year, about half of which will go toward opening about 1,100 new restaurants, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner said in a statement Monday.

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  2. Food is extremely cheap in America.
  3. Best sandwich ever!

  4. yea but you never got it like in the picture! :mad:
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    good, i hate that keep the price the same but make it smaller
  6. No! They always look like that around here. :D :cool:
  7. I really do not like any of the fast foods at all, but I definitely agree...
    this is the best burger of all the fast food chains.

    When I was a teen we lived on white castle. I think at the time the burger was like .20 and a cheeseburger was .28 hahahahaha
    We would get a huge bag for a few bucks and down them in minutes
  8. ]

    In quality, but not in price.
  9. Compared to what country?
  10. Inflation? What inflation? Ben excludes volatile energy and food from index.
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