Hey Maverick . . .

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Apex Capital, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Which one of these guys is you?


    Certainly not the bald guy with the big nose and glasses and his arm around the gentleman in the PINK pants. - - - If it is, I think that you would really enjoy San Francisco! :D
  2. The guy in pink forgot to shake.
  3. Ebo


    Why you looking there?
  4. Tough to miss pink pants. Glad you noticed, though.
  5. oh man, is that what goes on at an elite party? maybe i should cancel my vegas trader expo trip plans. lol
  6. is nitro in that photo??

  7. Could be that the whitish-pants-turned-ballroom-lighting-pinkish,
    all-you-can-eat-fed, :D-faced trader
    simply wore a too-short-for-him Carson's BBQ sauce bib,
    and kept lining up at the gratis EliteTrader Baron's Bar a little too often. :D

    A few hours of let-it-all-hang-out fun is now in-your-face-showcased for posterity... :D

    BTW, the Traders Expo producer, InterShow, also offers a Money Show in San Francisco. :D :D