Hey! little people how you like the spill?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bat1, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. bat1


    BP, has some nerve to come to our golf cause the biggest
    leak and spill ever then call us ''little people''

    How would the people in the UK feel is we did that to them?

  2. Hark, the ghost of Leona Helmsley doth return amongst us. "Feed the fishy"
  3. Understand that BP is not representative of the UK as a whole and understand US companies have also crapped on employees and communities worldwide.
  4. Like nobody even wanted BP's oil to begin with because everyone took public transportation instead of driving their 4WD, 10 MPG SUV all over town to look all bad ass.
  5. i think the brits are hurting after they were forced to suspend their dividend as many uk pension funds are heavily invested in BP
  6. A lot of institutions in the US and in the world at large are feeling it also, with a US shareholder base of +39%
  7. RIGHT ON!

    How dare those bastards in the private sector treat us with the frivolity reserved exclusively for politicians!
  8. Golf is how Obama handles the spill.