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  1. to those whop trade just certain stocks...could you tell me what stocks they are and why you choose to trade them????:D
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    I follow a list of specific stocks that I trade. The core that I follow allows me to pay attention to what is going on. I contrast this with a New High/New Low scan which I look at and sometimes select from, but it is hard to focus. As a result I personally miss too many opportunities.

    One list that has worked well for me is a list of ETFs which are available from the WSJ or online. For instance, UTH has found support in the low to mid 80s 3 times since december. It is easier for me to remember and catch this, that say where support for PPL or DUK lies.
  3. I play stocks that have gotten nuked. You get nice bounces. Look at agm yesterday. There sure was a lot of pin action there.
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  5. i cut my teeth on drillers and papers. moved into semis, banks, bd's, xoi, yadda, yadda, now i have too much stuff to look at. I keep up a hundred or so symbols and use them as a sort of composite indicator. I don't recommend it. It's great for spotting turns, but I'm still grappling with ,'ok, which <i>one?</i>' That slows me down. but don't worry. I still make money.
  6. I trade PYX. And only PYX.:D
  7. you must filter for them. ?
  8. Very fewwill want to come forward with their exact stocks, and those stock will change from time to time. The basics are simply this: 1,2, or 3 letters in the symbol: $20-$$80 (or so) in the price: Minimum of 1Million shares traded per day: Trading in a Sector or Group.

    This give you literally hundreds to choose from.

  9. playtex products?say whaaaa?
  10. lol:D
    I was just kidding Vinny!!!
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