Hey Jimbo, no more advice please!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by intradaybill, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. I know you are stitting there watching delayed quores with nothing to do because there is no money in your account.

    Before you start typing your advice here at ET, let me tell you something Jimbo: If I exit my long trade too soon and the market keeps on going up you will blame me for pulling the trigger too soon. But after the fact that is. You never offer any advice at the time I pull the trigger. If I instead wait and the market goes against me you will blame me for getting to greedy and not securing profits. But after the fact. You say nothing at the moment I pull the trigger.

    So Jimboooooooo, please no more advice here. Since you are not trading start doing something else with your life. Become a real estate agent or open a tire dealership. Let us do the trading because when we pull the trigger we never blame anyone else and we never say to anyone else what to do.

    Please Jimbo. Advice is cheap.