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  1. Fishbird



    My TWS ( build 831.9 ) just told me, that i need to upgrade, because it wont be supported after 16, September.
    The last time i did this, i was offline for weeks.
    I really dont want those updates anymore.

    You know, i need TWS only to get orders to the exanges and for nothing else. If the one loters need constantly updated sw then make it exclusively for them and dont bother others who dont need it and prefer non-changing sw.
    All my third party plug-ins will be broken again and i will have to fix it besides working full time and building/looking after a dozen systems.

    Im up 30% this year but could be up > 50% because i couldnt keep up with constant updates from you( changed once to 845 and back, last year was bad ) and even more eSignal( approx. 10 weeks offline, still building an adapter to handle the new timestamps... ), who messed something up, resulting in trading stops and fixing time.

    Build a terminal that doesnt change for those autotraders who use TWS exclusively for order transmission.
    Its should be very easy, dont do anything.

    Greetings and thanks for listening
  2. Fishbird,

    I was greatly encouraged by finding out that they have at least one guy at IB who understands what their business is about.
    Our respected ET colleague def wrote a couple of days ago: "Please keep in mind that [xYZ] is a data provider who charges clients for the data they provide. IB is a broker providing execution services."
  3. When they say not "supported", do they mean:

    1. the version will stop working on the day of 16, September?


    2. IB will stop phone support for that version?

    Anyone knows?

  4. JackR


    Here is an extract from a msg I received:

    We have recently implemented new re-connect logic into our trading system that smoothly switches your connection between ISP providers in the case of an ISP failure. In addition, the new logic will keep track of orders in the TWS that a user tries to submit, modify, or cancel while a connection is down and resubmit these orders when the connection is re-established (the storing of orders will not work if you exit your TWS session).

    This new re-connect logic will only work with an upgrade to TWS build 851 or higher. Since we believe this new re-connect logic is extremely beneficial to all our customers, we are requiring all customers who use the downloadable version of TWS to upgrade their TWS by Monday, October 10, 2005. As of that date, old builds of TWS will no longer work.

    Looks to me as if nothing will work other than 851.

  5. Fishbird


    I dont want or need this new position reconnetion logic. Also no more installing of the latest bugy version for me.

    If i have a position or a waiting order while my ISP is crashing, my autosystems wont lose trace of orders, because the orders have a unique order id and so will properly reconnect after the interruption.
    I wont benefit from this and never had a problem with it at all.

    Builds later than 847.2 only kill my broker adapter and stop me generating commissions.
  6. BSAM


    To all the chronic IB complainers: If you can't/aren't making money, it's not the fault of the version of TWS you use. It's your trading plan and money management.

    On the other hand, if you are making money, it probably is, at least in part, due to IB's very reasonable commisions and lightening fast executions.

    BTW---They're not all the way there yet, but the charting in 851 is mighty good, compared to the early days. Check it out!
  7. Holmes



    Must say that standalone version 851 is the first version in years that I have been looking forward to. Have been running 851 web based since its release and have been extreemly impressed.

    Hopefully some (if not all) of the issues with IB's TWS are now behind us.

    Thanks IB, well done. Thanks for a much needed improvement!

  8. Fishbird



    Its like Car racing.

    1-5 place make big bucks,
    6-10 break even and
    11-20 pays the winners.

    IB is a small unimportant part of the engine, my system is the chassis and the raceway is the market.
    To be in the top 5 money-making categorie requires total focus on the raceway to changes in weather like temperature, rain, hot/cold conditions etc to figure out the most optimum and robust setup.
    IB brings a new build out every week and i have to spend my time getting the engine running again, eleminate bugs, rebalance everything.
    This puts me away from winning the race.

    Now they even force me to use the new build because the old is discontinued and i cant even start my engine but have to rebuild the other now mismatching parts to harmonise with IB.

    Instead of concentrating on the market conditions and applying my edges, i fumble on parts that are unnecessary broken.

    IB needs to bring out two versions. One for those who think they have an edge with TWS build-evolution, and one for the others, who know that broker sw is not an edge and just needs to be fast and reliable/ dont harm the race car.
  9. BSAM


    Don't know too much about Nascar; and maybe with your particular configuration, I can see where you might have some issues. Perhaps IB is not the right broker for your situation. However, if the broker sw is fast and reliable (which IB is), that is an edge in and of itself. Some's better than others, no?
  10. Fishbird



    Yes, IB is a very good broker, but what use is it if their ever changing sw ( API ) crashes my autotrading.

    I could even live with 5 seconds lag as i trade not very often and mostly with limit orders.

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