Hey Hedgefund Paper Trader

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  1. We've had 3 consecutive months of job losses..
    That is MY definition of a recession...

    So we are in a recession...what are you going to do?

    Turn that frown upside down?

  2. Prudently its mistake on by behalf to respond to you. But I couldn't resist another opportunity...

    "Create you own world of doom and gloom and die".
  3. Would the two of you please get a motel room and "make up".
  4. Stop tapping on the glass PohPoh
    must keep reminding myself

  5. All the doom and gloomers should be deported from America. Taken to a remote island and imprisoned without trials. Get rid of this society with these people.. where they come from?

    ET has full share of its worth. There is nothing here but scalpers/daytraders/ screen jockeys & doom and gloomers
  6. You are free to leave whenever you want.

  7. You are a funny guy. Why don't you post real time trades or even better post a position that you currently have. Don't need the amount of shares, just price and date.
  8. It's very difficult to respond to logic and reality...especially when you live in your current deluded dreamworld of prosperity and wellbeing.

    Economic slowdown, recession, and worst are all part of the business cycle...
    it's not a state of mind...it's a state of reality...

    "Create your own world of boom and swoon and die"....
  9. I always wondered this....

    If ET paid stock trader, Hedge boy and Jones to post stupid responses just to get more hits. Maybe we should just ignore their responses.

    Just a thought. I mean, no one can be this stupid. You know?
  10. I don't know....:D
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