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  1. Don't look now but your favorite General, General Abizaid is now asking the Defense Department for another 10,000 troops so that the total this spring will be up to 130,000.

    And guess what?

    Because our military is spread so "thin" and so incredibly "strapped" with 370,000 troops spread out over 120 countries, the 10,000 additional troops are coming from the First Armored Division which has already been in Iraq for a full year!

    Gee, do you think that the morale of these troops in the First Armored Division was as high as a kite following the announcement that they would continue to remain in Iraq until further notice?

    As usual you are wrong again, Hapaboi.
    Please let us know when you actually have something reasonable, realistic, and intelligent to say.
  2. HA! Whatyah gunna say about THAT, Happyslapitboy??

  3. Wrong about what? That I will listen to Abizaid instead of you?

    A few days ago you scream and rant about us needing hundreds of thousands of troops. I respond that Abizaid hasn't yet asked for any more, and that his opinion is worth more to me than yours. Now you post that he has asked for more troops. I'm sure he'll get them.

    Big freakin' deal. LOL! Go to Chili's and have a pina colada with Trade(jack)Off if it's that important to you.

    That would be impossible, as you are unreasonable, unrealistic, and unintelligent.
  4. 1) Improve your grammar and spelling skills.

    2) Go play in the sandbox.
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    Think he kinda got you there. Hydrogen peroxide is good to put on those dog bites on your ass.
  6. I guess I have found out that it is pretty damn near impossible to make sense of a "pea-brained" imbecile such as yourself. Let me guess, you didn't go to college because you were unable to score more than 700 on the SAT?

    Hell, I thought they actually gave you rednecks a few points for signing your name . . . how could you fuck that up???

    Again, because you are such a dumb-fuck you fail to understand that the troops that General Abizaid has asked for are ALREADY THERE, MORON. In fact, they have already been there for a full year!

    Do the Math, jerk-off.
    Oh, I'm sorry . . . I guess it's kind of difficult to count when you've got a condom wrapped around your big toe!


  7. Bush's team are doing one helluva job.

    Don't listen to retired General Barry McCaffrey who said that 80,000 more troops are needed.

    Don't listen to Army Chief of Staff General Shinseki who said a year ago that several hundred thousand troops would be needed for post-War Iraq, and not the 120,000 that we currently have.

    Don't listen to General Tommie Franks.
    Don't listen to Senator John McCain.

    I guess it finally dawned on Rumsfeld that there was something very wrong with the fact that simple supply convoys were being attacked and burnt to the ground by insurgents. Duh.

    It took 7 years to get a new government into post WW-II Germany, and the same with Japan. Time to wake-up Bush Administration!
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    Let's assume your numbers from your first post are correct: ".....another 10,000 troops so that the total this spring will be up to 130,000."

    Now, what is 130,000 minus 10,000? Let's see (getting out calculator).....O.K.....I get 120,000.

    So, if General Abizaid did not ask for and get to keep 10,000 troops already in Iraq, would he not have fewer troops to work with?

    Without the 10,000, (whether already there or not) Abizaid has 120,000 by your numbers in your original post on this thread, no?
  9. With all due respect and all seriousness, the problem with this "Rumsfeldian Math" is that these troops from the First Armored Division were already there, had done their "contracted one year" and were due to rotate back out of the area and to Germany.

    Last week, the troops in the First Armored Division received a letter from the Pentagon telling them that even though their one year contract was up ( this one year contract had been a very significant selling point by the Pentagon a year ago ) they were not rotating back out, but instead will be staying on for another three months. In otherwords, our military is so "strapped" across the Globe that we can't even bring in fresh troops to relieve the ones that are already there.

    I am one of the biggest proponents of the military.
    I trade the defense stocks daily and read everything I can about new contracts and new technology that is being developed as our military undergoes a significant "transformation" to be better prepared for "assymetrical" attacks, and get away from the old Cold War structure that has been in place for decades.

    Unfortunately, because we did not go in strong enough in the beginning, we now are having to deal with a lot of "crabgrass" in the garden and it is gonna be tough erradicating this "crabgrass" without damaging the garden, and without seeing the morale of our troops deteriorate any further.

    The other night on CNN they followed a battalion commander around Fallujah. His battalion had been there for 10 months, and you could tell that he was absolutely "fed-up". He remarked that he hadn't seen his little girl in 2 years, and that their tour there in Fallujah had been wearing thin. Now let me ask you, how do you think all the other troops and battalions are feeling now that they have learned that the First Armored Division has been "lied" to by the Pentagon, IS NOT ROTATING OUT, and will have to stay on for another 3 months?

    The Joint Chief of Staffs had a meeting today behind closed doors, trying to figure out what they are going to do three months from now . . . I have a feeling that the tone of that meeting was pretty contentious. This lack of troop strength and seeing our supply convoys burnt to the groud should have never happened.

    Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz have some serious questions to answer. Even Bill 'O Reilly on FOX is questioning Rumsfeld on this grave tactical mistake.
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