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    Why the atmosphere is so Negative in many Prop Firms ?

    I always thought it's a big obstacle for those who wanted to learn there.

    At first I thought ambiance there was a friendly competition, a round of golf from Monday to Friday.

    Yes, hear and see these same people not happy satisfied every day, it can affect performance even if they are to be ignored.

    Yes it is a major difference with ESTABLISHed trading Financial Companies. e.g CS trading floor.

    Personally that's what irritates me
  2. It's really simple.

    Too many f*cking idiots.

    For example, I had this one Indian (curry Indian, not casino Indian), rest his foot on my $1k coat while I was wearing the coat. So he rested his foot on my back. What a f*ckhead. He acts like this is normal. I guess this is what they do in India. The guy smells bad all the time, and has manners worse than a bum. I exited stage left from that prop firm.

    You don't have to deal with this kind of sh*t at a CS trading floor. Everything is freaking nice. Oh, their English is much better, too.. lol...
  3. I want to hear more about your prop firm cause it sounds hilarious.

  4. LOL...

    It is so sad that it is funny..

    One of the head traders there would always wear the tightest dress slacks. So, every time he sat down, his pants would be so tight around his crotch that you could see the outlines of his balls. He had some big balls from what I have seen.

    Some of the traders there didn't know how to wipe their a** properly. Their seats smelled like sh*t. I sat in one these chairs once and my pants smelled like sh*t all day. I am not making this up.

    A lot of these guys were so poor that they ate anything for lunch.... a bowl of soup, a box of individual size cereal, $5 street meat food, some strange looking concoction from home,....

    I thought the most normal person there was a guy in compliance. Then one day I find out that he was a prison guard before working in compliance. Afterward, I started having second thoughts.

    There was an Asian guy (fresh from Hong Kong) there who would watch cheesy videos on the net and laugh for like 30 minutes straight. Not kidding. He would watch the video, then laugh for 30 seconds... then pause 10 seconds... then laugh again for like 30 seconds... then pause 10 seconds... on and on....

    Imagine trying to trade next to this guy? It's like trading next to a psycho... or Ken Jeong from Hang Over....

    More sad facts...

    The entire firm of like 20 guys would trade 3 million shares/day and make something like $65 net.

    They had a gray box that always froze and bled money daily yet they forced people to use it.

    So sad.. so sad...
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    That was a hilarious read.

    Bathrooms like that a universal feature of prop firms. Every one I've seen was a total nightmare.

    NYC street food is good shit though. Some of the best food you can get around.
  6. omg so funny!

  7. LOL thanks for sharing. That's an outline for a comedy film right there.
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    I have to know which firm this is. At least give us a clue.
  9. prop firms owners dont have the slighest idea how to make trading gains. how to hire traders.

    i know, since i've met few of them personally.
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    Prop firms don't "hire" traders. LOL.
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