Hey everyone just a few ?s

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  1. Hey Im Brian and Ive been tradeing for a really long time, but really seriously for about 4 months. I basically tech to make money.
    Im in HS right now and plannign on going to college. Has anyone here traded as a broker in college? Also Im planning on doing a science as my undergrad and Finance as my Masters.

    How hard id it to get a job in a hedge fund as a market anaysist?
    How much experience do most people have before starting their own hedge fund?

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    i just want to tell you PLEASE don't take offense to any of the posters. If you're as young and emotional as I was when I was in H.S, it's bound to irritate.

    Don't respond to anyone who flames on you and just keep a level head. Best of luck.
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    Hi Brain

    I think its good to start early, then you can be good before you get too old.
    I started trading equities when i was in what you can compare to HS in US (thats about a decade ago now).
    I do not regret that i started early, even tho i had almost no clue about what i was doing

    You will learn alot from trying and maybe also failing, but thats part of the game. I have learnt ALOT more on my own than in school. When i started working as a broker i noticed that many of the others in office with top papers from college didnt understand shit of markets or trading. So much for those papers.

    That HF thoughts of yours is exciting, but you may wanna wait for many years.

    Good luck, and if someone are trying to make a fool out of you - just stay cool.
    You seem like a talented kid - you wouldnt bring a knife to gunfight - so no need to argue here yet :cool:
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    Maybe you should go back and redo grade 8 English before you think about college.

    *That was for you newguy :D

    Welcome to ET Brian!
  5. My advice - don't daytrade in class. My grades are in the pooper because I never paid attention!

    One semester left, and I'm taking all my trading software off of my laptop.
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    Wise decision, it can be like an addiction.

    The market will always be there, has been for tens of thousands of years and it will stay. Without trading nothing happens, it is the oldest profession.

    First get your qualifications and then do something else. Learning to trade properly takes a long time and many fail. And if you start first on that track (and neglecting education) then you'll find you are too old to study when you want to do something else, etc etc.

  7. Thanks for the responses. I try not to trade during class, just lunch and programming classes. Yea It hurt my AP score in computers this year 4 instead of a 5, so Im just going to stick to lunch.

    I heard it would be a very good idea to get a job at a bank, to learn more, during college and get my series 7 done with during that time. So I was thinking of that. Also I dont want to have a restraunt job where I cant grow or learn much.

    Yea my English isnt good at all lmao Im just going to try to stay away from it as much as possible and stick to math and science stuff.

    How long do most of you keep a stock for me its usually a week or 2, but I keep some DIA as saftey. Then SBUX Ive had forever(2 months or so) thinking it is going to go up sometime. Yesterday was pretty terrible I lost 1.4% but Ive made it back up today hopefully get a really strong rally liek a few months ago.
  8. Is English your second language?

    Seriously, 4 months isn't a long time.

    Brokers don' t trade. Their glorified salesman at that.

    First graduate Highschool. If you can manage to do that an get accepted to a college then do that. Don't let trading interfere with your schooling.
  9. Hi Brian, its very hard to get into hedge funds. Usually, 3-7 years of experience in something relevant. Most hedge funds also seek PhD's/Quants. I'm finishing up my Masters in Quantitative Finance now and Hedge Funds won't even look at my resume without the proper experience. You have the rest of your life to work, go out and have some fun! :)
  10. Get a real job in science but tell all the chicks you're a hedge fund manager
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