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  1. Hi Def, I'm getting some spam/ads from a "Cornerstone Investors" ....is this connected to IB? If it is, IB needs to start consulting with a PR firm....since we all know the negative connotation from the word Cornerstone in the trading field.

    If they're not connected, then no big deal.

    As you know, I respect Timber Hill and IB, and was just curious....

    Anyone else know ??

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    Nope, No problems. I have things set up so that if IB were allowing this I would detect it. If they allowed outside access to my contact info they would be history and I would move the business I put there to one of my other accounts.. ....
  3. Always the last to know, I have to ask.... what is the negative connotation of the word "cornerstone" with reference to trading?


  4. Isn't this what Private Messaging is for???
  5. "The World is my Canvas" ...:cool:

    Actually, I thought someone else might know...and I'm complaining about IB or the Email Ad, I'm just curious about the relationship because in the ad they referenced IB...not a big deal.

  6. BINGO...you read my mind

    IN: cornerstone was one of the five firms that got slugged by the regulators along with Summit, Momentum and a couple others i can't remember...i think corner became pro trader
  7. Thanks TM'.
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    No connection whatsoever as far as I know. Please e-mail or PM me the mail so I can pass along to our compliance group.

  9. Cornerstone Investors - October Schedule
    October 2003

    in this issue

    How To Run Your Own Trading Business - Saturday 10/18

    Point and Figure Stock Charting Techniques - Monday 10/20

    Futures and Commodities Trading - Tuesday 10/21

    Trading the S&P E-Mini - Thursday 10/23

    Technical Analysis Trading Techniques - Monday 10/27

    How To Run Your Own Trading Business - Saturday 10/18

    At this meeting you will learn how to run your own trading business. Stock Trading is no different than any other business. If you want to learn how to consistently make money in the stock market, you have to approach it like you would approach any other business. All aspects of trading will be covered, including designing a trading plan, exact order placement with direct access brokers (such as Interactive Brokers),

    That's from the email....send me an email directly to: don@stocktrading.com and I'll reply with the whole thing. And, just to repeat, I'm not really concerned about the message, it's just that I have a pet peeve about firms using other people's good names (yes, even IB's) (lol) to further their interests without permission. Heck the CBOE had to stop Larry Haggarty from saying he was a member of the Exchange....(we all know he wasn't).

    (and I still wonder..."who is their PR guy who decided to re-use the name Cornerstone?)....

  10. sounds more like 'Primerica" then a daytrading shop:D
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