Hey covered call sellers, hows tricks?

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Jul 26, 2007.

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  2. Is there a point to this thread or did I login into a Yahoo forum by mistake ?
  3. Doing great thanks.

    You just have to find volatility and sell deep in the money that's all and lay it off on the MMs.
  4. John;

    you comment is interesting...When you say "lay it off"

    What exactly are you doing to manage that risk...If you mean buy stock, how are you managing it without giving up a significant amount of profit.

    If you mean sell futures, again I don't understand how your bet is placed so that risk is managed.

    If you lay off on the options MM's you would need to do so by buying puts and then you have given up your edge...

    Can you comment please?
  5. Yahoo forums are a lot less dignified.
  6. FU and the horse you rode in on. Today is ONE day in the market. The option seller has 3....count then....weeks to expiration.
  7. Ahh, OK. So the edge is in selling deep otm naked puts? They must be immune to these index moves.
  8. taowave


    I am not sure which of his statements is more insane..the selling of the garbage puts,or "laying it off on the market makers"..
  9. Stops should be bought, not sold.
  10. Its a toss up.. deep in the money covered calls have little to no veag anyway so you're not selling volatility. You'd give up a fortune in edge to sell the deep call and do the hedge. As every pointed out you're essentially selling the cheap put, oh and that could never blow up in your face right?

    This forum is a lot more civil then Yahoo but some of the underlying themes get to be the same IMO. If you post something nutty and wrong then just attack those who point it out and change the topic.
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