Hey Congress, SEC, Govt etc.. IN HERE NOW

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Illum, May 6, 2010.

  1. Illum


    Look What You Did...

    This is what happens with computers. The old floor market makers are for the most part Gone. You rag on us little daytraders... You need 25 thousand..... or this prop firm isnt up to snuf, you need this form this bs license, or amazing in this comuter age, hold it for three days....??... yada yada yada. Then all you have left is computers. Well guess what??? Things get bad, they SHUT OFF. You need us for liquidity, you damn sure could have used it today. The computers are terrible. Stop ragging on the little guys, its all you clowns do. You let the big guys have everything, and they walk away from their job. If you let us small mom and pop trading guys do our thing, there would be real buyers and sellers all the way down.

    You have average Joes at work who left their house with a 40 dollar stock. They put a stop in at 35 and they come home and see they sold it for 1 dollar. Let us into the market, and stop nitpicking. You have online massive liquidity if you stop screwing with us.