Hey Canadians, WTF?

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    record job growth, GDP contracted last QTR, please explain
  2. The Europeans have been helping us with our bookkeeping lately ...
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    so the numbers are not real? which parts?
  4. I sincerely doubt most government numbers are real anymore. I don't know if they are real or not, I use my own methods to decide what is really happening. It seems that most traders don't realize that truth rules and not numbers and talking heads.

    Just my opinions:

    Alberta and Saskatchewan are a capitalist powerhouse. Quebec is socialist, and BC and Ontario swing both ways. If China is contracting, then BC will get hit because their housing is a bubble waiting to crash. I don't actually expect a big housing crash in the rest of Canada because the baby boomers have equity and Canadians were late to the buy 8 houses and never lose money party in the rest of the world.

    Alberta just elected a socialist lite (AKA liberal) premier when she directly bribed the teachers union to support her. They suffered a near death experience after 41 years in power and underwear shops were quite busy for days after the recent election. She thinks she got a mandate. We think she got a message.

    My recent April visit to BC was interesting. I go every year to visit my mom. Every time we talk to lots of people and often get similar themes - one time was the NDP govt was corrupt, one time was fast ferries, one time was Alberta was a demon child, one time was gas prices are high etc, This time everyone was talking about there is no work and prices are too high. I read that as a slowdown in the economy.

    I read Canada as under-performing the world (commodities, oil, relative high dollar) but basically more sound that most. If the US has troubles, we will have troubles.

    So when we talk about Canada, we talk about several micro-economies. Hope that helps you.

    PM me if you have specific questions and I can give you my take FWIW.
  5. The numbers are all rigged.

    Political garbage and the population has no control over the govt - as is the case of most of western "democracies"

    Current govt is a sell-out to USA.

    Don't want us in Kytoto? - too embarrassing if you're not in? - no prb we're out

    Don't want us buy your overpriced warplanes and put our future in hoc?- no prb we'll buy sole source bidder.

    Want us in Afghanistan to give your troops target practice? - no prb we're there for you.

    stupid warplanes will cost $150 billion.
    our new budget slashed 42,000 jobs and other govt spending to save $5 billion.

    So $150 billion at 10% could be used as a $15 billion boost to the economy each year forever... 3 times what they cut.

    pushed through legislation to speed up the pollution of the oilsands and cripple any environmental review

    you ask what's up?
    redneck govt destroying our economy and the planet - that's what's up.

    Doctors in BC stealing $250million a year in fradulent over-billing and fake invoices - doctors bills (I refuse to call it "health care" is the biggest item of the BC provincial budget over $2,560 per person per year - that's BC's portion and doesn't include the federal govt portion

    Old people are $22,000 per year total cost (both govts).

    Don't ask us what's up, ask the corptopcrasy that owns the govts of the western world. We are the 99%
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    The real reason.........

    But now, Canadian Tire is starting to phase out the program in a shift toward a plastic loyalty-card system. The company says it will continue to honor its paper currency, but thinks a card would help to better understand what customers are buying and fine-tune offers directly to them.


  7. Remember the huge opposition in the US to the Keystone pipeline? Know the huge opposition to the China connection to Kitimat BC?

    So-called "environmentalists" (more socialist- lite) and native groups have been caught when some of the pipeline hearings speakers turned out to know nothing about what they signed up for on the "save the whales" website. A radio show detailed some odd things going on that never make most media reports.

    Ever wonder who is funding these kinds of things? Here is the tip of a huge iceberg coming through


    Is it possible that the 1% ers are actually behind the so called opposition? Using charity money for advocacy? Funding green things in other countries as an investment tool?

    Deer hunting associations would not be called "Shoot the Deer society" but something like "Save the Deer society". The naive and persons lacking critical thinking skills would do all the rest.

    Just my opinions on how to make money in the markets.
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    the government controls everything in canada = socialism
  9. some people hate the world so much that anything and everything that is a balanced conservative approach to money and our planetary resources they feel they must attack.

    Stardust rambles about Natives and hunting and closes with the Non sequitur "just my opinion on making money in the market" what does hating natives, people and the earth make you money in the market? ka-please!

    The massive debt of the warplanes is totally unnecessary.
    The hell-bent ramrod advancement of big oil's money interest is reckless.

    Your love of Mamon blinds you to any positive balanced approach to financial spending or resource development.

    "NASA scientist James Hanson says civilization will be at risk if Canada exploits oil sands"

    Canada is not about buying US warplanes, destroying peoples jobs and the planet they love.

    You are on my ignore list old dust fossil.
  10. I had never heard of Mamon before but it sounds delicious

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