Hey Ben, why not a raise?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssblack, Sep 12, 2007.

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    So with my limited view of the whole economic spectrum, it seems that our inflation is way too high. So why not raise rates next Tuesday? Other than the whole manipulation factor by big Wall Street to make money?
  2. That would DEFINITELY be ROTF LMAO!:D
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    well the next day he would be assassinated by CIA...

  4. Euro all-time high today, USD Index at multi-decade lows, edging towards its own all-time low (only 1 point away at 78.33). Bring on the rate cuts!!
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    So much for a serious discussion. :D
  6. Would only be justice if they got Greenscam first.
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    Anyone else?
  8. A rate hike would be nice. All you would need to do is short the indexes and watch Jerry Springer.

    I would welcome a rate hike. :)
  9. Rate hike has as much chance as Bush does in getting re-elected.
  10. Gold up to $720+
    Oil touched $80+
    EURUSD made all time highs

    And Bernanke will be cutting rates.

    No wonder market is going up, they're all inflation adjusted.

    Poor poor USD :(
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