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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Maverick74, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Maverick74


    Is this guy oraclewizard77 really a moderator? I mean I know it says moderator under his handle, but really? This guy is posting a lot of crap on the prop firm forum. I just though moderators were held to a somewhat higher standard of posting behavior. I would have hit the complain button but it would only be going to the guy I'm complaining about right? Seriously Baron, can you let that guy moderate chit chat or something and put someone a little more serious in the prop firm section? Can you at least look into it? Thanks.
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    OK, my bad. I see he is actually suppose to be moderating career trader, which really is another pretty decent forum and I don't think this guy really has the maturity to be there. He is posting a lot of crap, which is fine for most of us ET regulars, but I just think moderators should be a little more professional. It's not my site so it's your call.
  3. Joe


    I think he's a little younger, so his jokes are not on the same level as yours. He's sarcastic. I haven't received complaints about him, except from the spat you just encountered. He's a good mod and keep spam off the boards, and he really wanted to be a mod.
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    Alright Joe. Fair enough. Maybe you're right. I just wish he would tone it down on the more serious threads. Moderators are not suppose to double as trolls.
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    Mav, since it was started yesterday that thread has been cleaned up a couple times (including a few moderator posts) just to keep things somewhat friendly, with many offensive comments removed. As long as the posts remain on the numbers and the trading aspects of the firm there's nothing wrong with members challenging each others explanations, facts, and sources for those facts. Appreciate you taking the time to explain the motivation for your posts, sources, etc. and even adding a little humor. Others seem to get a bit too worked up and when I see the endless squabbling I'm always reminded of the line from Macbeth: "it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Going forward I hope everyone can chill out, keep things in perspective, and get to the answers they need in a mostly respectful, dare I say it professional manner.
  6. Dear moderators, I'm sorry for being a dick head around here. I should leave. Sorry.
  7. Yes, thanks.