Hey Baron, Buy PAL Soon

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by infolode, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Baron, in case you haven't heard from JJ2000426, Buy PAL because it's going to the moon.:D


    Infolobe asked:

    "Why is it so important have others buy PAL if your so confident and have a loooong holding horizon. I would do just the opposite."

    I am not a bit worried about my 401K cash account. But I will confess. I really want to see PAL going up a bit so that in my regular stock trading account I have some margin to SHORT some of my most favorite shorts, like some over-priced solar players. I am greedy that's all. Is that an honest enough confession.

    I am not trying to manipulate PAL. This is an excellent long term investment. I present all facts and I am encouraging people to buy. I will not selling any. I am frustrated I want to also buy some SWC at today's cheap but I am not willing to sell PAL.

    Comparing with other mining stocks, PAL and SWC has a far much lower price/sales ratio, hence when the metal really goes up, you will see far lower price/earnings.

    I looked at all the silver mining stocks, none of them are as good as silver itself at current price. So why buy them when you can buy silver. But why buy silver when youc an buy palladium. And why buy palladium when the leverage in SWC.PAL allows you a much higher gain in a few years?