Hey atheists. Your precious numbers are under attack.

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  1. Rational, empirical atheists. Smarter than you and I.

    Only reality isn't amenable to empiricism. Particles that exist in two places at the same time (superposition), particles that behave differently only because they are being observed, and now the foundations of math are being shaken........

    In the future, we will see rational atheism as an attempt to hang on to a twig in a flooding stream of incomprehensible and supernatural events........

  2. Atheists can accept the supernatural, the crazy, and the infinitely improbable. As long as "God" is not in the equation, they have no problem with anything supernatural.
  3. Pekelo


    Yes Sir, can I take the troll bait and follow your logic? Thanks...

    1. Some particles can exist in 2 different places at the same time...


    2. God(s) exist(s).

    BRILLIANT!!!! Please note I was unsure about the plurality of the deities....
  4. Where's all the biblical crap? Noah's ark? Ark of Convenant? Grail? 10 commandments? How about heaven and hell??

    None of these exist for a reason.
  5. Atheists love their religion.
  6. wilbur, peil, jficquette: are you listening?

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  7. Gabfly...here...replace the word heroin with atheism to get the full effect.

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  8. So you lose your job if you are an atheist?
  9. An atheist is generally an idiot following another idiot.
  10. Pekelo


    FTFY :)

    But just out of curiosity, whom do atheists follow? Nah, don't try to answer dumbfuck...

    For extra fan, let's assume you are not Muslim. If tomorrow I sign up for Islam, would that make you happier?

    I didn't think so... :)
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