Hey Astro believers since you believe in anything

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  1. The only site I found that can perhaps beat him is this one and it is even a trading site :D


    "the true eclipse cycle discovery - what vital planetary data has been missing

    the S&P 500 - NASA - MOON and MARS
    evolution, financial control and manipulation

    Venus - the queen of monetary geometry
    or the seated point of value

    the origin of ALL money market turning point ratios

    Fundamental Financial Frequencies
    all hu-man life forms"
  2. prox


  3. Hmm I just understood : since my own family has nobility blood I must somehow belong to the reptilian race myself gee hee hee !

  4. Euh do you have a collection of charts because one doesn't make even a statistical sample :D

    And how do they trace these lines because on the moon site above he just moves his lines when it doesn't fit hee hee ! And he makes a major use of MA and money management so I rather say that his moon stuff is not evident to see I am very far from seeing a beginning of proof on his site.

    My lines are fixed with precise numbers which represents direct price of the market: I cannot do what he is doing.

  5. Don't fear me : my mother has married out of her nobility cast so I must not have pure blood perhaps only 10% enough to explain my agressivity :D.

    What a pity if I had pure blood I could have superpower like shape-shifting hee hee :D


    "shape-shifting", the phenomena in which witnesses have reported seeing people (most often those in positions of power), transform before their eyes, from a human form to a reptilian one and then back again

    But it is said also that I would need to drink human blood especially from blond children to keep my human appearance that I couldn't I would prefer to stay a reptile then :)