Hey ahole in ZN

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by BondTrader50, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Shut that shit off already
  2. does anyone else see this 5 lot program entering and deleting orders at about 100 per second in ZN June?
  3. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    LOL... The DOM looks like hummingbird wings.
  4. Please call the GCC and complain.

  5. It won't make any difference. You can pretty much do what you want in these markets and get away with it, no matter how many people it annoys - I actually think that's the idea behind it.
  6. You're probably right but this guy has to trade about 500,000 contracts to adhere to the messaging policy
  7. I know what you mean but these fuckers always have an angle, how many people wish he would just fuck off but there's always some nuisance with an annoying program. Anyone see the prick in the Bund who keeps firing in 1000 lot clips for a micro second and then pulling them, I swear the other day his program was on turbo-spoof, looks like he's here to stay though, just as another maggot turns up in ZN.
  8. They deactivated the prick.

    I see the 1000 lot spoof in ZN as well. They just do it to influence other programs.
  9. I try not to be influenced by all the bullshit games these people play and just concentrate on what I'm doing because as soon as one goes another weasel will turn up.

    It's amazing that the Exchanges don't block this sort of shit, I mean, programs trying to fuck up other programs now, fucking idiots, whatever happened to picking a direction and putting a trade on ??

    No wonder volumes have crashed.
  10. damn, back again
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