He's warning everyone again about the collapse, but NO ONE IS LISTENING!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by S2007S, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Of course not. Times are good and stocks only go up :D

    on a serious note, I think the collapse will begin in crypto world. And then will spill over to stocks.
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    That's what I was thinking as well however, i would say there isn't enough money invested in cryptocurrencies to have that much overall fear where it would spill over to other asset classes. If cryptocurrencies were to go to zero most economies would still be humming along. I think equities falling 25% would create more havoc then cryptocurrencies falling 93% in a week.
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    I think he may be right, but way early.

    Last quarter $900 billion
    1st Qtr 2021 $1.9 trillion
    2nd-3rd Qtr 2021 $1.5 trillion

    "A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon your talking about real money".

    (Apologies to Everett Dirkson. It needed updating to reflect current insanity in DC.)
  5. There have been warnings from hi-profile folks for months. So far, no cigar.

    I suspect the top will come when Powell initiates yet another stimulus... and flaps his gums about "it's OK because there is no inflation".... and instead of further rally, the market sells into that.

    It's "all about the Fed"... and Powell is ONE BIG FAT LIAR!!
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    You appear to be missing 3 of last year's quarters
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    Michael Burry lost a lot of money shorting TSLA. And he still keeps shorting.
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    You mean the bipartisan bills for COVID reflief?

    The last 2 I mentioned are all going to be on your teams watch.
  9. What collapse? You expect stocks to crash in hyperinflation? Stocks won't crash for as long as the Fed is in control. It's not that people are ignoring all the warnings, but rather the fact that cash has no where else to go. Losing 50% in a stock market correction vs losing 50% over several years of higher inflation. Pick your poison.

    We ran out of good options about 10 years ago. The fed is trapped and will continue to pump cash into the system until it no longer matters.
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