He's not even in office yet, but Obama is just "like Lincoln and FDR" put together!

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    Like Lincoln and FDR, Obama faces nation in crisis

    WASHINGTON – All presidents are tested. Few walk into the Oval Office when the nation is in the throes of multiple crises.

    Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President-elect Obama is facing a banking emergency.

    Like Abraham Lincoln, Obama is trying to patch up national divisions. To ready himself for the job, Obama said Friday he is reading some writings by Lincoln, "who's always an extraordinary inspiration."

    And like Richard Nixon, George W. Bush and others, Obama will be commander in chief over U.S. troops in combat.

    "With two wars and an economic crisis, this is one step away from what Lincoln or FDR faced," said Terry Sullivan, associate professor of political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "The question is `Which direction is the nation going to go?'"

  2. Expectations are way too high. I can't wait to see him crash and burn.
  3. I can see the FDR comparison, but not Lincoln. We are in no way even remotely divided as a nation as back then. In fact, we are not divided at all. We just have a split in political ideology, which is a healthy thing. In 1861, you had a major portion of the country secede! Other than a very small minority in Hawaii, I have heard no such talk.
  4. Obama has no plan or policy.
    All the press hopes for is some kind of fireside chat personality , someone who can talk and make us all feel better.
  5. You realize what happens to your shitty little life if we don't pull out of this tail spin? What a douch bag you are. Why dont you move out of this country? Im sick of assholes like you.
  6. The only mindset worth having about Obama is we will see.

    If you are cynical than you are cynical.

    If you are optimistic than you are optimistic.

    Both views repel from reality.

  7. Yea but only dumb fucks WANT him to fail.
  8. I think you think they want him to fail because they are so entrenched by the fact that they truly believe he will fail.

    Having a massively strong belief in someone failing is quite different from wanting them to fail.

    See no one wants their own country to fail like no one wants their own trading account to fail. Unfortunately if someones trading account was managed forcefully by a person who never traded real money than the person who owned the account would truly think that the person trading would fail even though they don't want the person to fail.
  9. LOL.

  10. He will crash and burn like no other President has in history. He is Fool's Gold.
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