He's Back Again..

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  1. ipatent


    ..and mad about Goldman Sachs.

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  2. That guy is awesome. It's a shame more people don't have their eyes open like this guy.

    They're too busy stuffing their faces with salty snacks and lapping up the pablum fed to them on CNBC.

    Dude has a heck of a swing too. :cool:
  3. its not just "goldy'

    shame that people running OPM are too greedy

    to notice the harm they cause those trying to

    make a living ...

  4. olero


    I can remember when there was a saying "as sound as a dollar". Not anymore.

    The US has been reduced to just another third world country.
  5. I know some will claim I'm just parroting populist rage, but I believe it's factually true that financial firms, upon which the U.S. economy has become increasingly reliant, and which engage in activities do financially dangerous they truly do pose a systemic risk to the entire economy, are greedy, avaricious, unethical and in some cases, law breaking entities, that are undermining the very middle class of America.

    We used to be a nation that recognized the inherent value in making real things that were difficult to craft and fabricate, and which many other nations couldn't do as well or efficiently, the end result being we could sell these things here and export them abroad, providing great paying jobs at home.

    These firms like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan; what do they really do that's of value added service to the nation?

    They actually threaten the traditional American economy, the middle class, and have already done irreparable harm to this nation.
  6. Persdawg


    :D Where did this guy come from? Calling the printer a bitch was the best part.
  7. jprad


    GS and JPM are byproducts of the real problem; career politicians and lawyers.
  8. These leeches just feed off tax-payers other hard working bagholders through tons of fees, etc, etc.

  9. AAA30


    Its a shame, guy was a baller and used to swing huge size. Then he decided to short citi at $1 and a tonne of Reits around April. Think I also remember him stamering about AIG being worth less then zero when it was under a buck pre split. And He has never been the same. Just likes to yell and smash shit now.
  10. ipatent


    Some profound wisdom in this one..

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