HE'S BAAACK!! Wade Cook's Got Options Deals For You!

Discussion in 'Options' started by biggerfish, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. That's right, folks, he's going to be in YOUR pocket for more Money-Making Opportunities in Options!

    No sooner was this huckster convicted of tax evasion and obstruction of justice on February 19, 2007,
    it's full speed ahead with his I'm Gonna Extract Money From the Masses Again website,
    with the cheesy "Where SMART Collides with MONEY".

    Numerous articles, State Attorneys-General, the FTC, and the Justice Dept. can't all be wrong.

    But, wait - there's more: Wade Cook's Traffic Wave.
    "... Once it is set up, the Traffic Wave business runs itself. Web surfers can visit the site, make a purchase,
    or sign up to be a marketing representative without any involvement from the web site owner..."

    The perfect mooks-extracting-money-machine-setup for Wall Street hucksters serving prison time!
    (The Cook's sentencing is scheduled for June 22, 2007)