He's Baaaack...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by trader56, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. This time as Dragomir II.

    Other's have mentioned this, but if ET doesn't ban this asshole's IP, I'd just as soon hang out elsewhere. Judging from the responses to Alexis, then whatever other name this bitch has used, I'm not alone.
  2. If Baron feels it is ok to have people discuss any type of racial discussions be it anti-semite, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, whatever with the backhanded comment of well that is what the chit chat forum is for I cannot support that and still post here.+

    It is amazing how when someone pisses of a mod they are banned instantly and IP addresses are checked. But others blatantly do multiple aliases and it can be tracked. If people are using proxies to spam hate then think of a way to slow it down.

    This is a private site and it is not censorship to tell those who wish to discuss racism to go to a more appropriate site. Why tolerate this with "Well you can ignore it" or "Just do not read it". That is like asking me to turn my head when a store I go into has a clerk who is calling customres racist names. You own the store and derive profit from it, you have a right to prevent offensive racist material and there is no grey area here, we all see what discussions are flame racial banter which serve no purpose in a TRADING/INVESTMENT DISCUSSION BOARD.

    This is supposed to be a trading site- politics and religion discussing hatred and stupidity simply for the sake of page hits is just silly. Knowing it is there is enough to disgust me where I cannot simply ignore it. If you hate Jews, Whites, Blacks, Muslims, Isrealis, Palestinians, Gays or whatever, express it elsewhere!

    Ciao ET
  3. Joe


    I took him out.
  4. Thank yuo again, Joe.

    hopefully yuo banned his IP so he can never get back.
  5. cold


    LOL ban his IP

    as if that will stop people

    and you are a trader,

    sorry sir, traders smart enough to BE traders know that IP ban doesn't stop people
  6. hughb


    Banning IP's is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If his IP address is a Time Warner IP, then you could end up banning everybody who uses Time Warner.
  7. Decebalus is his new ID.

    Is it really that hard to ban this guy or is ET sandbagging because they want the page views?