He's baaaaaaaack

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  1. lmfao!!!!

    Good luck with all that.

    stock_trad3r went missing for something like 4 months, probably ready to hang himself, and now he's back...

    ...full of gusto, confidence, piss & vinegar, predicting a new bull market run when the best Bernanke can do is relax the rules restricting the kind of collaterlized debt the fed can accept as a pledge (aka - we will let the banks pledge the most toxic of waste in order to secure liquidity).
  2. Adding some more $$ tot my positions today for the first time in awhile. This is the confirmation needed for the start of the next huge rally.
  3. I honestly hope you make money - I mean, to the degree your positions aren't cutting against mine.

    But I can't help but think you're going to get your ass handed to you.

    One thing is for sure - you are one entertaining mofu'r.
  4. lol will stock_trader be the next timmmay?
  5. No no, sell to the guys who said short yesterday. Then buy back from them on Tomorrow or Thurday when the market pulls back.
  6. If 1288 doesn't hold up here on ES your rally is in serious trouble.
  7. Give the guy a break for one day. He was right yesterday as the market is a big green today.

    But I do not agree with his bull leg. We are in a bear market for two years unless the market makes an all time high by then. So, I go short after a major rally. I also go long but when market is oversold.

    He just needs to be a trader not an investor.
  8. Thanks, another reason to stay short.
  9. Damn, some legit buying here...
  10. The market is not giving up the morning gains as readily as many people here were anticipating.

    For the past few decades we're had very pro-growth, pro-wallstreet fed policy. Thats not gonna change. More rate cuts to come. Falling dollar is not a concern.

    We're still in a bull market, but this is a pause. However, the overall trend is very bullish.
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